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    14° edizione "Presepe di Sabbia"

    Locality: Lignano Sabbiadoro
    Location: Terrazza a mare
    Category: Re-enactment, traditional festival
    Date: From8 December 2017 to Sunday 28 January 2018

    Until January 28th, 2018, the Sand Nativity near Terrazza a Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro will be destination of a lot of visitors. It is very interesting,to discover every year something new and marvellous, thanks to the skill of the sand artists, who worked here for 6 weeks to realize this piece of work of 400 square metres.

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    Festa delle cape

    Locality: Lignano Sabbiadoro; Lignano Sabbiadoro
    Location: Piazza Marcello D'Olivo - Pineta
    Category: Food and wine events; Food and wine events
    Date: From Saturday 4 March 2017 to Sunday 5 March 2017

    Wine and food stalls with fish - specialities!

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    32° Biker Fest International

    Locality: Lignano Sabbiadoro
    Location: zona Lunapark, Terrazza a mare e parcheggio Stadio G. Teghil
    Category: Local interest
    Date: From Thursday 10 May 2018 to Sunday 13 May 2018

    The “Mecca” of national Custom from 10th to 13th May will be Lignano Sabbiadoro and it will be the meeting point for the best tuners of Italian and European motorbikes with around one hundred unique and unmissable works of art on two wheels!

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    Cesare Cremonini in "Stadi 2018 Tour"

    Locality: Lignano Sabbiadoro
    Location: Stadio G. Teghil
    Category: Music
    Date: Friday 15 June 2018
    Hours: 9:30 PM

    Live - concert of one of  the most famous  italian songwriters

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    Negramaro - "Amore che torni Tour stadi 2018"

    Locality: Lignano Sabbiadoro
    Location: Stadio G. Teghil
    Category: Music
    Date: Sunday 24 June 2018
    Hours: 9:00 PM

Fun and relax near the beach...